by Khazdev
March 9th, 2015

Cellular Shades

Levolor_LF_Cellular_Shade_3Levolor Cellular Shades offer maximum versatility, with a rich selection of colours, textures and specialty options. An inspired solution for every room and décor.

Levolor Cellular Shades deliver great window insulation and protection from UV rays.

Attractive by design yet functional, the Accordia shape creates a pocket that acts as an air barrier to help insulate your windows and reduce your energy bills.

Levolor Light Filtering Cellular Shade fabrics soften incoming light to create a perfect ambiance while providing heat control and privacy.

Levolor Room Darkening Cellular Shade fabrics provide the best heat and light control, so your room will stay dark even in the middle of a bright sunny day.

Cellular Shades are available with a wide selection of specialty options.

Achieve complete light and privacy control by customizing Accordia™ Custom Cellular Shades with one of Levolor’s innovative options.

  • Top Down-Bottom Up
  • Continues Cordloop
  • Cordless
  • Cordless Top Down-Bottom Up
  • Day/Night – Transformation
  • Cordless Day/Night – Transformation
  • Motorized

We offer you a wide variety of Levolor Cellular Shade fabrics to meet your design and enhance any décor:

Levolor_Room_Darkening_Cellular_Shade_4 Levolor_Room Darkening_cellular_Shade_1

Linen fabrics

Exclusive to Levolor Cellular Shades Collection, Linen fabric elevates both casual and formal rooms with a refined, yet subtle elegance. Uniquely woven fabric expresses a clean, sophisticated texture.

Linen texture with warm colours, add a contemporary style that is perfect for everyday living. Available with Light Filtering and Room Darkening fabrics.

Translucence fabrics – Light Filtering

Luxuries, Levolor exclusive, offers a new take on traditional elegance. With a whispery texture and a distinctive sheen, Cellular Shade Translucence fabrics let light softly enter your room and express pure elegance. Available with Light Filtering fabrics

Seclusions fabrics

Seclusions Levolor Cellular Shade fabrics are characterized by sophisticated subtle textures.

Available with Light Filtering and Room Darkening fabrics.

Designer Textures Light Filtering

This exclusive to Levolor Cellular Shades woven fabric is considered one of the premiere fabrics.

It retains its visually appealing texture and rich colours even during sun exposure.

Crispier pleats hold their edge and maintain fresh clean look.

Designer Textures – Room Darkening

Experience the upscale excellence of the Designer Textures Room Darkening Cellular Shade Collection. This fabric keeps out almost all incoming light, eliminates glare while keeping room cooler during hot summer day and warmer during winter.

This beautiful collection of woven room darkening fabrics boasts a wide variety of colours that will easily coordinate with any décor.

Designer Colours Light Filtering

Delight in a variety of colours from soft, crisp neutrals to bold, rich tones of the Levolor Designer Colours Collection.

This energy efficient fabric saves you money while needing minimal cleaning and care, thanks to the benefit of Levolor’s Dustguard.

This beautiful fabric is available in single and double cell Light Filtering.

Designer Colours – Room Darkening

This collection of Cellular Shade Room Darkening fabrics provides optimum privacy and heat control.

Added benefit of Levolor’s Dustguard will protect your shade and keep it looking new for years to come.


This Cellular Shade collection delivers reliable quality at an economical price. This durable, fade resistant fabric we recommend for less visible areas of your house like bathrooms, laundry room, basement etc. Available with Light Filtering and Room Darkening fabrics.

Heathered and Tree Bark

This is the latest addition to Levolor Cellular shade collection of fabrics. They are characterized by modern, sophisticated textures and colours

Both, Heathered & Tree Bark are available with Light Filtering or Room Darkening option.


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